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PoisonSky's News

Posted by PoisonSky - April 1st, 2009



Posted by PoisonSky - March 15th, 2009

Is finally finished. Well, will be doing the odd update because I still think it lacks that edge, but it's complete enough.

And that's all I'm posting to say, really.

Bye, puny earthlings!

Minefield 2...

Posted by PoisonSky - March 4th, 2009

Well, yes. For the audio, as usual, nothing much, may get inspiration, bla bla bla.

For the flash front, here are my current projects:
-Minefield 2, a sequel of Minefield
-Geometra, a game a bit like Geometry wars
-Geometric Interactions, a sequel to Geometric Orbit and Geometric Escape

And here are the games I'm thinking of doing:
-A darts game, request
-A game that says "Nathan is the best" (finished, actually :P)
-And a platform game, seeing as the idea is pretty popular.


So, er, leave comments on the logo too, if you want...

Time for an update!

Posted by PoisonSky - January 27th, 2009

Right, I need a challenge, and something that will get me a high score in the portal. So vote which one you want!

a)A 2-D platform game, lots of different worlds and cool stuff?
b)A top-down driving game, with police chases (like in Need For Speed) and races?
c)A hot-balloon racing game (racing live against online opponents, of course)?
d)A Geometry Wars game?

I need at least 10 votes, then I will make it.

Edit: I'm making the Geometry Wars game anyway, but keep voting for the other ones (you can still vote D if you like). Also, don't vote for c) now, the vote won't be counted - it will be made sometime in the future but the other three have more priority as far as I'm concerned.

As for the audio update, better check out my new songs:
1. Speed F1
2. Supersonic Impact
3. Disco 1980
I did complete Garage Menu 3, but I've decided not to post it because, to be frank, it's waaaay too repetitive, and it doesn't have an intro, and frankly, it's not submittion standard.

Also, leave comments on my logo:

Audio update and Flash VOTE!

Posted by PoisonSky - January 5th, 2009

Wa-hey! Got your attention. Now, Minefield is finished, but I've taken it out of the portal for improvements (no it did NOT get blammed)... in fact to copy it and make a sequel. The primary project I'm working on is called Bounce, it will be a fast-paced platform game, a bit like the NG conquering IndestructoTank AE.

So a new year has come, and I'll be going on to ActionScript 3.0 shortly. However, it's really a bit of a pain right now :(

Also, check out the Frozen Haddock Forum. It's brilliant (I also happen to be global moderator there as PoisonSky). And also you might also want to check out Tazzydevil XIII (or tdxiii here) as he's one of the site administrators.

On the audio front, I may do a Garage Menu 3, maybe even a Garage Menu 4. But they may be called Garage Menu 1b and 2b - we'll see. I have now finished Disco 1960, but I'll have to re-record it sometime. It's got crackles in it (they sound like clicking fingers).

Well, that's all, but comment below if you have any thoughts.

I'll pay you £999,000,000 if you read this:

Posted by PoisonSky - December 24th, 2008

Oh dear. Too late. Human psychology, eh? Now that I have your attention I'll make a start.

More games coming your way!

Um, that's all. Warning posted on Christmas Eve, go knock yourself out! lol


Posted by PoisonSky - December 16th, 2008

So... I figured, with the success of Geometric Orbit, I'll do a third Geometric.
-Animation increase
-New enemy types
-Power-ups (including multiplier)
-Music choice
-Possible multiplayer option
-Nice stat board to refer to
Are just some of the things that'll come soon. Although no-one ever has, or will read this (hey I may be wrong - in fact I am wrong if you just read that), just thought I may mention it.

Now, onto the other game I'm making. It started off as an experiment with movie clips then, inspired by Jiggmin's game Mines, it turned into a game. Hopefully, it'll be complete by christmas...

Oh yes, and I might do a few improvements on my website (yippee I hear you say.!).

Any comments or suggestions below or PM please!

Geometric Interactions (and Minefield)

Posted by PoisonSky - December 8th, 2008

Flash Front:
I can't believe this! I logged in and 2 mails offering promotion of my game, Geometric Oribt, was waiting for me! I love NG lol

I'm working on a very basic platform game, I need suggestions.

Music Front:
Nothing is cooking ATM, I'm taking a little break from music until Christmas. I might change my mind, though.


Posted by PoisonSky - November 21st, 2008

I figured I'd do a new post just for kicks although I have doubts anyone will actually see this in 100 years but, hey, I'm normally wrong (and if you just read that I definitely am wrong)...

First off I have a slight question about newgrounds (I posted in the forum, click here to go there) - can you answer if you know what's wrong?

Music Front:
Jingle Bells in bluegrass style comin' up!

Flash Front:
As the title of this post suggests, I'm making a new game called Geometric Orbit. It is a remake of Geometric Escape. Improvements include:
-New types of enemy
-Improved Cursor
-Scoring system
-Orbiting protector*
-New Background
-Nice modern colour theme
-Score count

*The orbiting protector will orbit the mouse, and if it hits an enemy it kills the enemy and gives the player points depending on the enemy. Hence a new dimension to the game!

If you have any suggestion for my next game (play Geometric Escape first) then please let them be known - I would love to hear suggestions (I do want to end up with a good game) - so...
Look out for it, I'll post a link when it is.

Geometric Orbit in production

Posted by PoisonSky - October 27th, 2008

OK no I won't but I have your attention now

I'm editing this post to show you all I'm not dead, I haven't been able to submit anything for a long time, and these songs are building up, I will be releasing some of the load soon.

[Edit: it isn't all music at this stage - check out my first flash game!]

[Edit: I have release some now. Check out Latin Disco and Pianic Leaf!]

Note: I noticed that a lot of people have reviewed my song, DreamDance. Thanks guys!*

So I'm working hard on a few new songs, I'll be submitting ClubLatin soon, look out for it.

[Edit: I finished the song earlier than I thought I would! It's there now.]

*and ladies

I'll give you £32,000 if you read the following: