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So completely awesome

One of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. Awesome.

Just one thing though, there's a bit too much clipping in the audio. It might have been intentional, I dunno, but you're still getting a TEN.

First Zero I've ever given

0/5, 0/10.

The reason for this is, there was nothing there! Or as good as, anyway. And what was there was pretty empty. Sorry :(

You seem to have blown a good opportunity.

Well, what can I say?

What a concept! Can't think of anything much to say, except for really funny, and the way you drew the character's emotions and captured them... well, astounding, really.

So, predictibly, I'll just throw a ten at your face!

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Epic but also epicly difficult

Very funny and I like the way its done

But Alves is nearly impossible

And Pique DEFINITELY is. Seriously, didn't you at least play the game through? Come on! +10 for epicness but -4 because no-one actually SEES most of it!



This game is completely awesome though - it's so simple, yet so madnessified.

Good job :] :] :]

104.2 sec!

Woah. I thought that was bad...

Great game. Great graphics. Nice.

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Great variation

I love the countermelodies, etc. it's really awesome.

But seeing as it's techno, maybe you should make it more techno, with a heavy beat and something the song builds up to - a thicker texture, cos atm it sounds like the intro all the way through

Other than that, your musical talent is genius :D


I would suggest, as well, if you look under Patches, under Strings or something, I dunno, there's a synth called PC_C1 or something. That's like an awesome low electric guitar sound. I'm just pointing it out.

Yeah. I suggest you have a look at some other electric guitar voices besides the DW one. Because, I think with a different electric guitar it would be much better.

Anyway, THE SONG. I love the voice. It's quite neat. And the kick was well done (not just because I use it a lot too)...

Although a bit repetitive at the start, it was quite well done.

AngelofPeace responds:

Thanks for the review. The song is repetitive, the main reason being I did it in the morning before school in about an hour and a half. You guys think that's not a lot of time for me? I use the demo of fruity loops which won't let me save my work, so I've got to get everything done at once.
I'll try to work on it in the future, but my songs will be limited to the amount of time I can invest at any single point until I get a full working version of the program.

Nice intro

I liked the intro, with the punchy bass and then the drums thingies coming in, then all the other stuff.

Really good use of discinence, and you certainly used the right sounds.

The only thing, I suppose, is to work more on the beat... get people's feet tapping to the rhythm. And perhaps some phatter sounds for percussion. Or you could cheat and do the *special technique...

AngelofPeace responds:

Thanx, but what's the *special technique?

Music and flash, basically.


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